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Nighttime. Dreamtime. The hours when the demons of the mind could take hold, their cold gras firm until morning. The hours when the human soul abandoned its struggle against the maddness of this world, and the dark things that lurked in the corners of the human heart could take form at last. - Crown of Shadows by C.S. Friedman



Aura's appearance is of iridescent beauty, her long hair glows of purple and blue lights taken from the stars above. She has a tall stature, a powerful stance that almost puts you in a daze as the starlight flows through her hair and skin, giving off a slight glow.

Falling from grace of an unknown alien planet, Aura is an alien/human hybrid. Her having no memory of why she fell or where she comes from, she only knowing that she was once a queen of her planet, feels lost yet in control due to the fact she has the power to manipulate molecular structures; including human molecules such as mortal wounds, and call forth the powers of her home planet and turn them into spells that are deemed 'magic' in the land of Blackflame Manor. When she fell, she felt a long yearning for something she wasn't quite sure of but resembled love. She seeks to find where she comes from or what that feeling is...

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