Jacen Reavers

Trillian ID: Jacen_reavers_of_blackflame@yahoo.com

Birth Place: Unknown
Race: Human
Apparent Age: 25
Actual Age: 300
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Hair color: White
Eye color: N/A

Jacen is not exactly one that truly cares for his own physical appearance, typical for one that can't exactly see what they look like. As such, aside from bathing, he generally lets himself go, mainly seen in his hair, which is usually wild and going in all directions. His clothing is usually kept in decent repair, mainly due to the fact that he can just phase in and out of whatever clothing he needs at that moment. The thing that tends to perplex many people is the cloth that he keeps wrapped around his eyes.

For someone that seeming goes everywhere completely blind, Jacen very rarely looks like he is lost or has difficulty moving around. He is very precise with all of his movements and is very rarely caught off guard. Even with his strange appearance which tend to drive away people more often than not, he does make the attempt to be somewhat social around them, sort of a deterrent from the stress of having his particular condition. He very rarely loses his temper, well aware of the consequences of such an act, so he has built up quite the high amount of patience when dealing with people. He listens pretty well, and is very attentive to some things if they catch his interest. The only real change from this behavior comes whenever he is on the hunt, whether it be for animals, beasts, mythical creatures, or humans. Cold, calculating, unmerciful, and relentless all describe him when he is in this state.

Most of Jacen's past is shrouded in obscurity. Born into a family of peasants, he went pretty much unnoticed by all but his family up until his 20th birthday. It was on that day that he was drafted into the military of his kingdom. He managed to survive the horrors of war and came out of it a little different then when he went in. After that he remained in the military, needing the coin he was given to help support his family. All was going well until a particular raid on a neighboring kingdom. He and his unit were laying siege to a castle. He had broken off from the group to investigate further in, hoping to find the King's chambers and end this quickly. What he found instead was the castle sorcerer, who was right in the middle of casting some sort of spell. Jacen's sudden intrusion had broken his concentration, causing the spell to, for lack of a better term, backfire. The explosion engulfed the sorcerer completely, leaving not a trace left of him. Jacen, completely unprepared for such an event, was caught flat footed as the shockwave from the explosion threw him against the wall. The force from the blast as well as the impact from hitting the wall knocked him completely unconscious, rendering him incapable of feeling the shards of glass that had impaled themselves in his eyes. The next time he would become aware again, all he could see was complete and total darkness. He figured that he must have been unconscious still, but that was proven to be not true when he heard the familiar voices of his family somewhere in the room he was in. Once the had managed to calm him down a bit, the lack of vision he was experiencing causing him to go somewhat crazy, they explained to him that he had taken a couple of shards of glass in his eyes, which had been enough to rob him of his vision permanently. Clearly, this meant that he would not be returning to the service, and would be sent back home, though the King had made sure that he would still receive his pay for the time being. It was maybe three days after he was sent back home that it happened. Up until this point, he had thought that he had heard voice in his head, but passed them off. That third day, however, he was greeted by a very annoyed voice, followed by the appearance of a very angry looking woman. Obviously, he thought he was dreaming at this point. Three days he had not been able to see anything and now this woman appears. But no, he was not dreaming, evident by the fact that she would not go away, remaining within his vision even as his parents came to assist him with his day to day tasks. Once he had gotten past the fact that this woman was indeed real, she introduced herself to him as Celosia. Apparently, this was the demon that the sorcerer had been attempting to summon, with intentions of turning her loose on him and his army. His intrusion had caused the summoning to backfire, killing the sorcerer, and destroying her physical body. Faced with the prospect of nonexistence, as she could not exist in this plane without a body, she did the one thing she could think to do; connect her spirit with the closest living body she could find, that being his. And it wasn’t at all hard to see that she was not happy about this situation at all. Well, clearly he didn’t want a demon hanging around him where ever he went so he asked what he could do to get her un linked from him. The answer he got was not the answer he wanted. The only way for them to become severed from each other was for him to die, which would sever her connection to his body, which would, sadly, cause her to not exist anymore. Oh, but that wasn’t even the worse part. When she had linked with him, she had passed on to him, all of her powers and magics. One such power was the ability to absorb the life force of another human being. He asked her why she was telling him this and se responded that if he wanted to continue being a human being, he would have to periodically absorb that life force, else his powers consume him, not killing him in the slightest. No, it would just turn him into an uncontrollable beast whose only purpose in life was to kill anything it saw. Clearly Jacen did not want that. Celosia did not want to fade into nonexistence. It took a little while but eventually they reached a sort of compromise. Celosia explained that by absorbing these souls, his body would stop aging as well. Oh he could still be killed of course, but with the powers she had bestowed upon him he would not go down easily. She also managed to help him move around on his own, augmenting his lack of vision with a sort of sixth sense. Now, he could see what appeared to be outlines or silhouettes of everything, and people even came with a faint glowing light that signified their life force. Magical people and items appeared brighter than everything else. Finally, it was also pointed out that Celosia could not be seen or heard by anyone other than Jacen, nor could she interact with anything. Meaning that she could spend all day just bugging Jacen and no one would bat an eye, but the moment he went to respond to her, everyone would think him crazy since it would appear that he was yelling at thin air.

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