The Blackflame Manor

The manor's supernaturally supplied prowess is equipped with its own sense of consciousness; one bestowed on the structure by its current leaders, a living extension of the two people solely responsible for its resurrection. Because of the way the mansion was restored, Blackflame Manor is a permanently and heavily enchanted structure. Spelled with a myriad of mysterious and ancient incantations they render the home nearly unchangeable. The house has been evolving since the day the first soul from Earth was stored within its walls, finally powerful enough to run the shadowy servants and dispel threats with ease if any were to arise specifically inside the sprawling dwelling, eyes and ears everywhere. Always watching, always listening, gathering intelligence and reporting items of note to its dark master.

Out of Character Information

The servants of the manor are NPCs that you are welcome to use and control. As an example, you can have a servant bring a glass of wine, prepare food, deliver a message, ect. All of the rooms of the manor are different and vary in size and amenities. With the magical properties of the manor you are encouraged to design your room however you'd like.

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