Yukari Blackheart

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Title: fallen queen of blackheart
Birth Place: blackflame manor
Race: neko/demon
Apparent Age: 20 ish
Actual Age: 20 ish
Height: 5'4
Weight: 98 ish
Hair color: white
Eye color: amber

with eyes as bight as the burning sun and hair as soft as silk, its easy to see why yukari is confidant in her appearance. her daring smile creeps across her flawless pale face often. her slender build and perky breasts aren't the only thing that points to her neko heritage. the smooth white ears and long snowy tail complete her outwardly appearance. though many might notice her more, demonic side through her use of shadows. her clothing style ranges from Lolita to causal and everything in between.

she is an erratic type of person, but growing up in the manor might have a part in that. with "prey" in her sights she will manipulate the atmosphere, bending to to a more hospitable feeling. her promiscuity is likely passed down, mixed with a neko's natural sexual prowess. but when agitated, her once cool temperament will erupt into a haze of deep black energy. worry over others being lost in her own psychotic meltdown. her shadows too seem to harness their own energy. energy that will build if not expelled in some way. yukari remains dominate over the shadows so long as the energy is managed. able to add her own to them if needed at any specific time.

yukari is logical with her moves, analyzing every potential threat and escape route when faced with danger. her fight or flight reaction is constantly judging her surroundings. she also is keen in the affection of others, able to pick up on the most subtle of hints. her mind isn't all sex and caution though, having to control her more darker thoughts and emotions can take a toll on her, even if its for her own good.

her story starts at the blackflame manor, being born the bastard daughter of the lord of the blackheart family, kin to the blackflames. shortly after birth she and her twin brother were taken from her mother and adopted fathers care by the heir of the house of blackflame. her brother being the only child of interest as the blackheart heir, she was returned to her grieving mother. at the age of 3 her mother was murdered and her adopted father had disappeared, leaving the house servants to care for her. as she was rarely able to leave the protection of her room, she lived a lonely and neglected life. as she blossomed into a young woman her promiscuity began.before long the only people she could even slightly trust were Bartholomew and Alexia. with that Bartholomew soon approached her with a plan to revive her mother. unbeknownst to her he would end up sacrificing himself in the process.

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