Sophia Madison Pennington

Trillian ID: sophia_pennington_blackflame

Title: Lady Pennington
Birth Place: It is unknown
Race: Sorceress
Apparent Age: 34
Actual Age: well over 500
Height: 5'9
Weight: 120
Hair color: Raven black
Eye color: Silver

Sophia is thin in stature and taller than most from her world. She has a long waist, very long shapely thighs and legs. Her limbs are long and graceful. Her frame is thin and fit. Her long straight raven colored hair reaches just to the edge of her lower back. Due to the length she will often be seen wearing it in varying fashions of up-dos. She has almond shaped bright silver eyes that will change to a dark gunmetal grey. This is dependent upon her mood. Sophia’s face was long and had acute angles. Her cheekbones were high and curved gracefully along her face. Her lips were plump and supple. They almost did not fit her facial structure, but she managed to pull it off. She had a long aristocratic nose that matched her face splendidly. Her skin was a dusky olive hue. The color of her satin skin caused her eyes to appear brighter than usual. She will often be seen wearing dark colors. She prefers to wear form fitting clothing to show off her lithe and toned figure. Her feet are often covered in fashionable boots with various decorative accents upon them. Even though she is well over the normal height of others that are her kind she still enjoys wearing heels upwards of 3-5” tall

Sophia moves with an air of feline like grace. Some would even say she floats and is fluid much like that of water. She moves silently and without hurry. Her outward demeanor is that of one who is cold, unkind and harsh. Most never choose to look beyond that and see her softer side. She has a dark mysterious aura about her. She will generally keep to the shadows, quietly watching before joining others. Her voice is of a deeper smooth sound. She does not get angry easily, but if she does it can end badly for whomever or whatever has angered her. She almost always has dominion over her feelings as well as her mood. She enjoys having power and relishes order and control. She rarely judges one swiftly. She hates judgmental people. As she has been a victim of it many a time in her own long life time. She find people are quick to assume what they think to be right based on very little information or facts surrounding the issue. Sophia works hard to ensure she does not do the same to others.

Being well over 500 years Sophia has learned a great deal in her long life. She is well versed in a multitude of different studies. Music, history, science, literature…One of them being the black arts. It’s true she once used light as well. However it had been so long since she practiced it may have slipped away entirely. It has been quite some time since she used her powers for evil or nefarious reasons.

Very little is known of Sophia’s past, even to herself. She was a Queen in her own right while she was in her land. Her parents both being powerful beings themselves, she was born a powerful sorceress and did not always use her power in the wisest of ways. She was married and had a great love for her King. Her King died of mysterious circumstances; shortly after he passed away she left her land in search of a new world to call home. Some said she killed him, others said it was a rival wanting to take over her seat. She left everything she had to her sister escaping the tragedy and pain of her old home and the memories. Her quest had led her to Ayenee. Long ago she had heard of a location called Blackflame Manor where one such as herself could live in peace and secrecy. She did not know if the rumors were true or if it still existed. She would seek to find out now.

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