Trillian ID: alexia_rhine_blackflame

Birth Place:
Race: Human / Lycan
Apparent Age: 25
Actual Age: 25
Height: 5' 6
Hair color: white
Eye color: yellow

Athletically built, with piercing golden eyes and long white hair. Much about her is soft in appearance hiding the savage nature of the beast hidden behind her innocent appearance. The most noticeable of features is the curved scar under her left eyes - a feature that could have been corrected when Sepulchure created her body, yet she insisted it remain.

Every movement is somehow thought out before taking it, a natural instinct since becoming one with the beast inside. Nothing is done that expends extra energy, thus giving her a graceful appearance to her movements, flowing naturally like nature intended without the restrictions of caution or thought. It does not mean she is aware, in fact quite the opposite.

Early Life:

Aiyanna was born human to a small settlement in a mountain valley, her world was a modern one; demons and monsters that lurk in the night were no more than just stories of books and movies to her. Until the night the wolves came to her home, the howling began as soon as the moon had risen over the snowy peaks and the screaming began soon after. The winter valley was stained a crimson red, the howling far outlasting the screams and the cries of the villagers. When dawn broke there was warmth and cold all at the same time, the sun burned her eyes and her limbs ached. The fact that she was alive, she thought was a miracle and she lay there, listening to the sounds of men shouting, soldiers that she thought had come to help. But that was when she felt the heat, eyes opening once more to see the people she’d thought had come to save them, burning everything to the ground. There could be no survivors, there could be no witnesses…this curse could absolutely not spread to the world outside the valley.

With her last remaining strength, Aiyanna crawled from the burning rubble of her village and into the mountain forests, escaping the purge of her home and falling into a nightmare, falling through fog and dark, until nothing hurt anymore.

Arrival at Blackflame and Death:

The fog cleared from her brain eventually, the wounds that should have killed her healing; albeit slowly, and eventually Aiyanna found herself at the steps of a great crumbling manor. In need of shelter, and afraid that those who had burned the survivors and the village would have been following her, she crept inside surprised to see that it was not crumbling. New to the supernatural she was confused by those that lived within, demons, vampires, humans, elves…all of the things that to her had been myths and stories. It wasn’t until the first moon since the attack on her village did she believe that perhaps everything she knew was wrong.

Aiyanna decided it was for the best to stay at Blackflame Manor, as she no longer had a home to go to and the manor itself felt like a place of safety and protection provided she kept her nose clean. With the help of the books in the ancient library and some of the manor’s inhabitants she started to learn about the changes that were happening to her as well as the things in life that she had never thought possible. Of course the safety of the manor only goes so far, especially when living amongst many different powerful people...

Incorporeal Being:

Aiyanna found herself trapped within the manor, no one could see her or hear her; yet sometimes if she concentrated enough she could interact with objects within the manor. She could not leave the walls and so spent many months unseen, watching people come and go, and simply..existing in her non-existence. It wasn’t until one night when she had been planning on playing a small prank on one of the manor’s vampires, Alexavior, when he was well into his cups….the intent was to make him think he was crazy, simply a way for her to pass her boredom, but it didn’t happen quite that way. For some reason he could now not only see her, but hear her, and talk to her. Finally she wasn’t alone anymore.

In Alexavior she found an unlikely companion, and a great friend, one who helped her to possess her first body so she could have freedom from whatever held her to the manor, and to keep her from vanishing like she feared she may some day. The body only lasted so long however, as when Aiyanna possessed it there was already a soul within, and over time the person she had housed herself in, died and the body began to rot away and so she was forced to abandon it and go back to being an invisible spirit. Alexavior had left the manor at this point so once again she had nothing to do but wander the manor alone and unnoticed.

It was at this time she met the man who lived in the basement, cursed for his own past misdeeds, but his connection to death allowed him to be able to see her. Building a friendship with Sepulchre he offered her a solution, not possessing a new body - but creating for her a replacement body, one that would be as close to her original body as possible, one that would not rot away, one that would not cause another soul to be snuffed out for her to continue living.


With her new body came the return of the beast to her mind, and Aiyanna welcomed it back having been missing the constant feeling of it within her, being able to transform with the moon, all of the instincts returning to her, she felt she could once again live. While the body was just a shell, she had a deep desire to find out just what had happened to her. During her long months as a ghost one thing had eluded her, the memories of her death, the knowledge of where her remains lay. Making it her mission to not only find her resting place, but to find out just who had ended her life, she put aside the fear that she may disappear to discover the truth; and to live.

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