Parker O'Donoghue

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Title: Lady
Birth Place: Dublin Ireland
Race: White
Apparent Age: 21
Actual Age: 379
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair color: platinum blonde
Eye color: ice blue

Wears her hair up in a bun almost every day Likes to wear victorian style dresses but will switch to modern day clothes when needed Platinum blonde hair Ice blue eyes dark crimson red nails

Walks with a bit of pep in her step plays with her fingers when she is nervous

Very intelligent girl studied for over two hundred years

She was born to a wealthy family in Dublin Ireland. She was going to be married to a rich noble in England until she was attacked by a witch. She was missing for about two years until she returned to her family home to find her mother pregnant and her father a cruel man. She killed her father to save her mother and unborn sibling.

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