Trillian ID: chasegriffin94

Title: Prince of Dunlaine family (not coronated as king)
Birth Place: Piltover
Race: Pureblood Vampire
Apparent Age: 23
Actual Age: Uknown, around 20,000?
Height: 6'4
Weight: 154
Hair color: platinum blonde
Eye color: Blue, Azure

Characterized by long, sandy blonde hair and a bright set of Azure eyes Ezreal is an ivory skinned vampire who usually wears a smirk across his features. He has elvish-like pointed facial features. His fangs are sabre like in length a trait he attributes to being a part of the Dunlaine family. He is tall and slender. He appears to be roughly in his mid twenties.

Ezreal has a very old world way of speaking and still values the ideas of the hereditary nobility. He is elegant and swift in his movements and doesn’t like to waste time. His ego can get in the way of his etiquette and ability to be polite.

He is highly intelligent, a skilled strategist and has a keen interest in reading as much as possible. Ezreal has some knowledge of the arts of chemistry, alchemy, summoning, soul binding and various European cultures.

Brought up by Royal parents, groomed to be the heir of the Dunlaine family his childhood was mostly filled with ways to ensure his success as an adult which involved training in strategy, linguistics, swordsmanship and etiquette, just to name a few. He became a master of chess before long being interested in strategy. Though many females who were worthy of courting were pushed away in his pursuit of power. He held a firm belief that the race similar to vampires known as Carpathian’s were a threat that disgusted him. He decided to take matters into his own hands and plunged his followers and family into a war. When the war was close to being to won he became overly confident and made an oversight that almost cost him his life. His preparations for this however were well drafted, his followers and family collected what little of his body was left and submerged it a tank of blood using its restorative power to heal him until he was strong enough to turn a single mortal who would become his heir and bind his soul temporarily until he was fully restored to his former glory. He soon found out while he was asleep that the place he had called home had fallen into ruin. The single being he had turned had found refuge at a magnificent manor that he also chose to settle at, since he found some amusement in the creatures that lived there.

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