Roxi Ambrosia

Trillian ID: juliennerithux

Title: Sibyl
Birth Place: Unknown
Race: Elf - Teleri
Apparent Age: 27
Actual Age:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180
Hair color: Opal
Eye color: Turquoise

Steampunk Caravan The strangest noises had been emanating from the surrounding woodland, possibly that of some great, terrible beast caught in the throes of agony, or perhaps pleasure. The leaves of the nearby trees quivered in anticipation as the myriad groaning and creaking rumbled ever closer, and what could only be described as the sound of a thousand, rusty hinges folding at once just before the source of the scourge broke through the thicket finally and fully. It was a rather large, obtuse caravan, rolling steadily forth and seemingly of it's own volition, held aloft on massive cogs that someone had taken great pains to pass off as wheels. The body was another mystery altogether, a somewhat misshapen amalgamation of various types of colored timber, though not entirely unsightly in it's deformity. Swinging from the overhang of the thick canopy were a wide assortment of lanterns, whose many flames shown brightly with all the colors of the rainbow. Several copper pipes of varying lengths sprouted up from the walls and roof, each showing signs of obvious use as smoke poured from them profusely, and if one were learned enough to see, there was magic in plain sight within the exhaust. It came to a rather obnoxious, screeching halt as it neared the old wisteria tree, perhaps some twenty feet away.

Traveling Steampunk Gypsy - Sibyl - Oracle - Fortuneteller - Witch - Diviner - Astrologer - Practitioner of Curses

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