Trillian ID: Angels_calamity

Birth Place: Iiilaglen
Race: Black dragon
Apparent Age: 25
Actual Age: 64
Height: 6'1 (human form)
Weight: 200lbs (human)
Hair color: Back
Eye color: Gold

In dragon form: Black as night with golden plates on his underside, and red on the webbing of his wings. Golden eyes. Human: Handsome, golden eyed, black haired, usually in his Human form he keeps his wings and horns hidden. Normally wears black clothes. Weapon: fangs, claws, magic, a staff, and handsome bow which he can fire bolts of his own lightning.

Raixen is a literal cinnamon roll, he is gentle, quick to smile, slow to anger, unless it's someone he cares about. He likes to drink and joke. If someone wins his trust he will fight fiercely to defend them, no matter his personal cost. Has no time for politics, but doesn't mind a little gossip. Enjoys collecting for his hoard, riches come in different forms. Part of him still hopes for one special person he can share his live with, but the rest of him knows better. He hates bullies and injustice. He loves hunting, the more challenging the better. He has a sweet tooth, and is very kind, he is often nieve, loves romance novels, and is a romantic at heart.

As a young dragon, it is ever growing, but he thinks himself to be clever. He is learning more and more, and loves to spent hours in the libary.

In a world where dragons are the colors of the rainbow, bright gleaming gems of beauty and power, the People struggle to get the chance to be a dragon rider, who wouldn't want to share the soul of a majestic, nearly immortal dragon? In Raixen's old world, anyone. Unless that dragon is cursed, with scales like night and breath, not of fire, but lightning, no one wanted him, the first black dragon hatched, allegedly from a curse laid on his egg, he was left alone on the hatching grounds. He struggled, and was endlessly tormented. Eventually he left his land, to find a better place to call home. Update: He works for the lord of the Blackflame manor as the bouncer for the tavern, he keeps the chaos to a minimum, and is often found brooding, or reading in the corner. He and Aurora had a whirlwind romance, that ended poorly, Raixen loosing his wings, his soul, and Aurora. But she was safe, and that was what mattered... Right? Alex is his best friend, and they spend time together, often lamenting their woes.

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