Seff Theodore Lyall

Trillian ID: drkriser

Birth Place: Maine
Race: Human
Apparent Age: mid 20's
Actual Age: 24
Height: 6'1
Weight: 176
Hair color: Sandy blonde
Eye color: Blue/grey

How they found him wasn’t certain. The family never contact him unless the demanded he pay his debts or someone died. The legal summons had told him it was the later which meant he was required to appear for the reading of the will. He had no idea why ‘cause there was no way Grandfather Lyall had left him anything. Theo was a bit of a black sheep. Who was he kidding? He was the only one who had left to escape polo shirts and golf every Sunday, formal dinners and pressure to finish his degree and settle down with some shallow, conceited woman. But he thought, what the hell? Maybe he’d get to see some entertaining infighting, so he left San Diego to head back east. The general disapproval received had been expected. What hadn’t been was the results to the reading of the last will and testaments of Mr. Jasper Silas Lyall, tyrant and tycoon of the Maine lobster business. The estates had been left for the direct children to fight over. The cars given to the chofer. Two envelopes had been handed to him and Theo had no clue what was inside them. Family members demanded he open them in front of them, but security had been brought in for a reason. The lawyer took him aside to explain the situation more fully. Inside the first envelope had been an account number, password and key to the offshore account. He had no clue how much was inside. The other contained an invitation to an address with a week’s worth reservation. The place was called Blackflame Manor located in a place he’d never heard of before. The lawyer explained there would be something there for him, left by his grandfather but said nothing more. Cryptic and creepy. He already decided he’d go so hoped on his vintage motorcycle wondering what the hell Jasper had in store for him.

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