Madoku Nagasichi

Trillian ID: madoku_of_blackflame

Birth Place: in a small village
Race: angel/neko mimi
Apparent Age: mid 20s
Actual Age: 27
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair color: very light blonde
Eye color: emerald green with flakes of gold

her youthful appearance and slender frame is a direct result of her cat genes. with styles ranging from lazy-casual to high class she can be seen in almost anything. her long hair is normally worn down, but on occasion can be seen up in a messy style bun.

from the beginning her curios nature has gotten her into much trouble. but madoku is sweeter then most, often battling her nature instinct to run to instead help someone she cares for. but in an unforgiving world such as this, her instinct could be her best option. as madoku grew she learned to stifle her curious nature, at least a bit. now with people she loved depending on her she no longer felt the need to risk it.

as smart as she is, her curiosity clouds her judgement at times leading to danger and other problems. sometimes she cares too much and dottles on small things. when angry she could go into a rage or erupt into tears. she still has a love of mischief and will use her cat-like charm to her advantage.

Madoku is the youngest of 3 children. when she was young, her father was killed of a crime he didn't commit. left with 3 children, her mother fell ill. at the age of 12 madoku and her brothers were left alone when their mother died of her illness. Madoku's brothers left on there own after a fight between them. so left alone madoku had to survive and fend for herself. she arrived at blackflame manor wounded and close to death, found by a man named bartholomew whom healed her wounds and befriended the feral cat. but soon the mischief caught up with her. she was attacked and soon became pregnant with the children of pollock blackheart. after giving birth to twins, both children were taken from their mother. but soon the female child, yukari, was given back. having kept the male child, sebastion, because he was the blackheart heir. she raised yukari with the help of a man whom she had fallen in love with, sieto mishima. but madoku was tricked by a powerful vampire, soon having her blood drained from her,ending her young life.... or so one might think.

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