Blackheart History

Every flame casts a shadow, and it is within that shadow the Blackheart first took root. In the beginning, at the time Blackflame came to the land of Ayenee so too did Blackheart. Similar and yet different, as different as the demon siblings from which the families drew their names.

When there are two siblings, one shall always strive to be the better, and one shall in truth always be the better. It is the unfortunate fate of Blackheart to have dwindled in numbers, power, and appeal, especially when contrasted with their often less brutal relatives. Those few who remained loyal after the cataclysm took to Blackheart Castle, isolating themselves in an attempt to weather out the long years after the destruction of Ayenee.

In more recent times a few of the newer generation have come to power, though it remains to be seen if they will reject the same dark nature that lead to their isolation and downfall or succumb to the hands of fate.

Blackheart Castle

With the destruction of the old Castle Blackheart, it fell to the newly deemed Lord of Blackheart ( aided by the young Princess of Blackflame ) to bring about it's resurrection, and ultimately, it's reshaping. All that remains of the old structure is a deep crater, now a sparkling lake surrounded by a field of white lilies.

Instead of a fortress draped in black iron, now floats a myriad set of interconnected, massive islands, seemingly more than 3 kilometers above the ground and suspended aloft with some form of powerful magic. A forest of ever-blooming sakura stretches across it's surface in a dazzling display of color, intersected by a river that eventually cascades over the side in order to fill the body of water below. The landscape was dotted with several natural hot springs, and a small teahouse and koi pond could be found just outside the main compound.

The primary body of the castle is housed within a large sakura tree that towers over the rest of the island from the center, nature and function woven together through magic, with the rooms for guests having been hollowed out from between it's roots.

Out of Character Information

The servants of the Castle are shadowy NPCs ( much like the servants of the Manor ) that you are welcome to use and control for simple tasks. As an example, you can have a servant bring a glass of wine, prepare food, deliver a message, etc. Each of the rooms within the complex are different and vary in size and amenities, but all are located below the main structure, housed safely inside the center of the island itself. With the magical and fluid properties of the estate you are encouraged to design your character's quarters however you see fit.

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