General T1 Guidelines Introduction

For those new to the form of T1, it is a common logic way of textual fighting. Even though it has it's roots in imagination, logic from real life can still exist within T1. Respect, honor, and trust are all key aspects needed to have a clean, fun, form of competition amongst combatants. Order and communication is very important when starting any T1 match.

The Guidelines

Take note to the use of the term 'guidelines,' and the absence of the word 'ruleset.' There are no such things as rules in true, free-form roleplay. It doesn't matter how convinced you are of your opponent's death, he can never be made to accept it.

1. Never attack on your first post. This is most often used to give your opponent an idea of who/what they'll be facing exactly. Weapons and abilities easily apparent on your character's person should be made clear to your opponent during this phase.

2. Terrain/Setting should be agreed upon beforehand, or at least be very clear to both participants before beginning.

3. Your character, and ONLY your character, is what you are narrating. This includes "auto attacking" as well, stating in your attacking post the connection of said attack.

4. No god moding. This is in reference to those that enjoy taking hits, and then continuing on as if unfazed and nothing had happened to them.

5. You must post AT LEAST half the length of your opponent's attack post if you are to successfully block/counter/dodge the attack. For example, if you get a 5+ paragraph post attack, you must fully explain your actions and how exactly you performed your block/counter/dodge in at least 2.5 paragraphs of your own, preferably longer on a counter.

6. Correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and overall quality of your posts can be the means of gaining a win/loss. Run-on sentences or poor explanations about your character or it's used abilities can lead to a match ending prematurely out of frustration or your opponent in requesting a repost if they find it completely unacceptable. The more effort put into one's character and posts, the smoother any given fight will go.

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