The Main Storyline

You do not 'have to' participate in the main storyline, though it is encouraged! You may do as you please being part of the Blackflame family - it is up to you!

It's still unclear to the survivors what exactly happened; dark magic gone wrong, the old god's wishing to begin anew, the very essence of Ayenee itself rejecting what it's inhabitant's had made it, or an explanation far more mundane that a mortal might use, plate tectonics and the like. In any case, destruction on a massive scale was wrought, and the mystical land was left in ruins, the world changed in ways beyond imagining, with large swaths previously livable now covered in oceans and deserts.

When Dante returned to the land in which he was born, the Blackflame Manor was his first destination. Not knowing if it was mere coincidence, or the dark forces that'd permeated the ground beneath, he found the Manor all but unscathed, save for the evidence of time and erosion. It was not long after this that Midori used a powerful spell to bring some semblance of elegance back to the manor, and it became something like itself again.

During his otherworldly travels Dante had come across a dimension filled with mortals, a world these beings call 'Earth.' It seemed they lived without fear of his kind, or any other creatures that dwelled within dark places. The perfect place for him and his kind to begin again, full of fresh souls to harvest and funnel back into their own plane of existence. He knew that if they gathered enough of these souls, eventually their family would have not only the power to take over this new, beautiful world, but to restore their former homeland of Ayenee as well.

It was no simple task, but he managed to establish a gateway between these two worlds, disguised in the cellar of their Manor as a simple, redwood door. On the other side of this door, in this place called 'Earth,' he had a Manor built that was identical to their own. From here it was merely a matter of finding others of his clan, those that'd been lost, or through the creation and birth of the newest generation, to assist him in his efforts in bringing glory back to their family and Ayenee.

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