Frequently Asked Questions

** We are NOT a forum Roleplay. We DO NOT use forums. **

1. Question: "What kind of Roleplay is this?"
Answer: This is a dark, fantasy setting with modern elements. There is a caveat: portals in the basement make it easier for characters of any genre and time to participate. You are not restricted to any particular kind of character

2. Question: "What are the rules?" Answer: We have don't specifically have rules. Everyone is welcome to play.

3. Question: "Do I have to roleplay in a group?" Answer: No! You are all encouraged to start your own group or private roleplays with whomever, whenever you wish

4. Question: "Do you allow roleplays with sexual content?"
Answer: Yes. However, no one is required to participate in -ANYTHING- they do not want to.

5. Question: "Do I have to learn T1 to join?"
Answer: No. But it is fighting style used by this clan and Ayenee if you wish to fight with another character.

6. Question: "Do I have to participate in the main plot?"
Answer: No. You may roleplay your own stories with your Blackflame if you wish.

7. Question: "Do I have to wait for my profile to be uploaded to roleplay?"
Answer: No. You are welcome to roleplay immidiately.

8. Question: "How long does my posting length have to be?"
Answer: Three complete sentences or more.

9. Question: "Can I play ________ character, or ________ race?"
Answer: You may play ANY character or ANY race you want.

10. Question: " Do I have to play a Demon character?"
Answer: You may play ANY character or ANY race you want.

11. Question: " How many characters am I allowed to play?"
Answer: There is no limit to the number of characters you wish to play or the number of profiles you'd like us to host.

12. Question: "How do I register my screen name on the Chat?"
Answer: Type your desired screen name into the “name” box and click “profile” in the bottom right corner of the chat box, enter a password. Registering your user name protects it from misuse by requiring a password when it is entered, though this is not required to use the chatroom. You may simply enter a name in the box and begin roleplaying.

13. Question: "Why do I have to log in to the website and the chatroom?"
Answer: You only need one login for the website. You must also log into the chatroom because can have more than one character/screen name, therefor each name requries a password to prevent someone from impersonating your character.


The owners of this site are not, in any way, responsible for the materials that are posted, downloaded, uploaded, or discussed within chat or contained in character profiles. Content posted within chat rooms or character profiles are managed by individual users and may not be work safe, appropriate for all ages, and could be adult in nature; this may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexual content, drug abuse or other elements; The House of Blackflame is not responsible for any of that user posted content. By entering The House of Blackflame, it is assumed that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

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