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Nighttime. Dreamtime. The hours when the demons of the mind could take hold, their cold gras firm until morning. The hours when the human soul abandoned its struggle against the maddness of this world, and the dark things that lurked in the corners of the human heart could take form at last. - Crown of Shadows by C.S. Friedman



Ever since the day he forged his cloak(pictured below) from a dying phoenix, Xanthos has rarely been seen without it. And why should he? The unique down from which it was lovingly crafted has kept him safe through thick and thin. It is lightweight and soft to the touch, though glints like obsidian, and becomes hard as steel when enough force is exerted against it.

The first half of his life was spent as a scholar of all the magical arts, studies which he took quite seriously and eventually mastered. The second was quite different however, several traumatic events leading him to use his gifts to advance more selfish pursuits, and to develop new talents entirely. This included, though was not limited to; gambling, drinking, sneaking, stealing, fencing, pickpocketing, lockpicking(magic or otherwise), etc. His movements and mannerisms reflect his experience.

Hailed as one of the most gifted students the Mage's Collective of Ayenee had ever seen, Xanthos spent a great majority of his youth under the tutelage of some of the greatest magicians that ever lived. Supposedly, he excelled in the field of enchanting, while all but floundering in every other school of magery. After the death of his family, he turned his talents towards the more unsavory aspects of his profession, taking to the life of a thief handsomely. That is, until he met Roxi...

Nobody living, other than Roxi, really knows his true heritage or backstory, and he has gone to great lengths to keep it that way. Xanthos has been known to go so far as to spread purposeful untruths about his own upbringing amongst the students of his former university.

Image Gallery

Approximate appearance of Xanthos' cloak (minus the hood)
Ring worn on left index finger

Custom monocle used in the creation of his more delicate pieces
General look of the pommel on the magic dagger he always carries

Single earring worn in the left earlobe



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